Bathing a baby

Tips to make bath time fun

Bath time can be a good opportunity to nurture and develop your baby’s senses and it’s also a great time for you to bond. Here are some tips for making bath time fun for you both.

Play games

A good bath time game to play with your baby is emptying and filling containers of different shapes and sizes. Your baby will love filling them up and pouring the bathwater into another cup or tub. Games like this can help develop their motor skills. A motor skill is an action that involves your baby using their muscles. This development starts at the head and moves down the body. A newborn will likely be able to control their mouth, face, lips and tongue with the rest following. A baby of around 18 months will be able to play with a shape sorting toy; firmly hold the shapes and twisting or turning them to fit in the correct shape holes. You can encourage your baby’s development by playing games that challenge them a little.

Baby bath foam

Add a small amount of Oilatum® Soothe & Protect Baby Bath Foam to running water and swirl by hand. This soap free, ultra gentle cleanser helps to prevent further dryness by respecting the natural moisture barrier of young skin and your baby will love the sensation of the foam. Whilst they pop the larger bubbles.

Get a sibling to join in

Having a sibling in the water will make bath time even more enjoyable for your baby. They will love the skin-on-skin contact and it can help your baby feel more secure if they’re anxious at bath time.

Winding down for bed

As your baby gets out of the bath it’s the transition from play time to bedtime. Gently pat their skin dry with a soft, warm towel and apply Oilatum® Soothe & Protect Baby Moisturising Lotion. Lower your voice to be more calm and soothing, preparing them for bedtime. A good night’s sleep is especially important for children as it supports their mental and physical development. 

Bath time

bath time

Make hair washing fun and pretend your little one is caught in a rainstorm, then use the shower to rinse out their hair. Singing a rhyme will make it even more fun for you both.