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Ease the stress from your mornings

Your day begins the moment your newborn wakes up, so give yourself and your baby the best start to the day with these tips for a stress-free morning.

How to help your baby sleep for longer

Many moms are experiencing early waking so here are some tips to help your baby to sleep for longer in the morning.

Get your toddler ready for the day

Children often thrive on routine, but getting them to stick to a morning schedule can be difficult. Here are some tips for getting your toddler ready.

Tips for bathing your newborn

Bathing your newborn may be a little daunting at first but it’s important to keep their skin clean. Here are some useful tips to help you bathe your newborn.

Tips to make bath time fun

Bath time can be a good opportunity to develop your baby’s senses and it’s also a great time for you to bond. Here are some tips for making bath time fun.

Happy hair washing

Most toddlers love bath time but they may go through a stage of not wanting their hair washed. Here are some tips to help make bath time more enjoyable.

Top tips for settling your newborn

A good night’s sleep is especially important for babies as it supports their mental and physical development. Here are some tips to help you settle your baby.

Getting your baby back to sleep

Establishing good sleep habits early on can help prevent bad sleep problems before they start so, here are some tips to help you get them back to sleep.

Encourage your toddler to help at bedtime

Asking your toddler to help in the evening can help them feel more empowered and more likely to settle. Here are some tips for tasks they can help with.

How clothing can help keep your baby comfortable

Clothing can make a big difference to your baby’s dry, itchy and irritated skin. Here are some tips for dressing your baby to help keep them comfortable.

Top tips to care for your baby’s very dry skin

Your baby's skin can become very dry and prone to irritation. Here are some tips to help relieve your baby’s very dry skin and ensure it remains soft and comfortable.

How to care for your baby’s dry skin

With three in five children suffering from dry skin it’s a common condition that can occur at any age. Here are some tips to help you care your baby’s dry skin.

How to recognise and soothe irritated skin

Up to 20% of the world’s children suffer from irritated skin, so it’s a common condition. Here are some signs that your baby has irritated skin.

There’s no trick, but there is science

Oilatum® scientists understand dry and irritated skin. For over 50 years we've used our scientific expertise to help you better manage your skin.

The life cycle of your skin

At Oilatum® we understand how skin can become dry. Our products are mild, so they can be used every day. Find out how Oilatum® products help to protect skin.

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How long does your baby spend in the bath?

Bath time

bath time

Make hair washing fun and pretend your little one is caught in a rainstorm, then use the shower to rinse out their hair. Singing a rhyme will make it even more fun for you both.

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What does your baby find most fun at bath time?

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Which part of your morning routine do you enjoy the most?

Morning time

morning time

Create a star chart with photos of your toddler doing all their morning tasks and give them a gold star every time they complete one. Explain that a full set of gold stars will lead to a reward. This can encourage better behaviour throughout the day.

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Which of these best settles your baby?


bed time

Say goodnight to mummy, daddy, the moon, the stars, and to the toys. If everything in their world is settling to sleep, it’s much more likely your baby will too.

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What’s the main reason for your baby waking during the night?


bed time

Writing or drawing about the day (even for pre-readers) is a great way to work through thoughts, clear the brain and calm the body for settling to sleep.